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Deep Dive Website and Social Media Audit

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Is your website as effective as it could be at attracting leads and driving sales?

Do your social platforms accurately reflect your brand personality and offerings?

For most businesses, closer examination can uncover missed conversion opportunities online. A comprehensive website and social media audit from our team provides an in-depth analysis along with data-backed recommendations for growth.

Assessing Website Health from All Angles

Our multi-pronged website audits check systems from front-end user experience through to technical back-end optimization. We dive deep to evaluate current effectiveness and then spotlight areas primed for increased visibility and conversions. Here’s a preview:

User Experience Analysis

We put ourselves in the visitor’s position to provide unbiased assessments around first impressions, ease of navigation, searchability, and compelling and cohesive messaging that builds credibility and trust.

SEO website checks ensure optimization to maximize organic traffic potential based on the smart incorporation of relevant keywords and page elements that search engines value when ranking sites. We recommend additional metadata, schema markup and linking strategies to deploy.

Site speed and performance grader highlight any issues loading pages or assets for visitors, which negatively impacts site trust and conversions. Optimizations like image compression, caching systems and hosting platforms can dramatically boost speed.

Cross-platform responsiveness tests determine the consistency of experiences for desktop versus mobile visitors, ensuring seamless access however customers reach you. Identifying inconsistencies or technical bugs provides the knowledge needed to increase accessibility.

Analytics review of metrics like average session duration and top landing/exit pages uncovers usability sticking points. We translate insights into guides for creating more intuitive navigation paths that nurture visitors into conversions.

Actionable Website Optimization Roadmap

Our audits culminate in a detailed roadmap containing specific recommendations that can be systematically implemented over time based on priorities and resources available. Suggestions may cover aspects like:

  • Keyword expansion frameworks for elevated organic visibility
  • Refined site architecture and enhanced findability of key pages
  • Personalization opportunities through improved segmentation
  • Friction point removal in the shopping experience
  • Additional customer journey nurturing touchpoints

Schedule your Deep Dive audit and unlock comprehensive analysis plus targeted recommendations to maximize your website’s performance. Let’s connect!

Website and Social Media Audit

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