Real Website Traffic, or Just another Bunch of Mannequins??

Real Website Traffic, or Just another Bunch of Mannequins??

Picture it…a huge ornately designed department store window in downtown New York City…chock full of everything you can imagine, from the latest high dollar fashions, to the most up to date electronic gadgets and gear, and a little bit of everything in between.

Now picture a man, pulling a huge cart loaded with…MANNEQUINS. He pulls cart after cart of mannequins in front of all those high dollar items, soon to the total of THOUSANDS of mannequins. From a far away vantage point, it might look like some serious activity is going on in front of that department store. But you and I, up close, know that NOTHING is really happening at all. No matter how many mannequins are pulled in front of that store, not a CENT is spent on all those wonderful items. Mannequins aren’t real, and they CAN’T buy a darn thing…


Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels


That is exactly what happens when you purchase fake internet “traffic.” Your online store may get hundreds, thousands, maybe even TENS of thousands of “hits”, but those hits are no better than mannequins being pulled on a cart. They aren’t real people, and they CAN’T spend real money.

What you want are people that are online, looking for EXACTLY what it is you sell, and that have REAL money to spend. Once they find your site, then it’s game on…you start earning real money and life starts to look REALLY really good. Well guess what? That is exactly what we can deliver for you.

We have a multi-step process that delivers high quality traffic to your site…real people looking to spend real money.

SEO AUDIT – this is our first step. We want to be sure that your “store” (your website) is optimized fully so that when people are searching on Google or Bing for what you sell, YOUR site is one of the first ones to say “HERE YOU GO, EVERYTHING YOU NEED, JUST COME IN AND TAKE A LOOK!”

Quality backlinks – backlinks are the equivalent of a whole group of incredibly AWESOME people all pointing others to YOUR store. We secure only the highest quality sites and secure YOUR link on their site. This tells Google and the other search engines that YOUR site has some clout and it’s worth telling others about. This means higher ranking and more and more traffic.

Social signals – when your company’s social media accounts get likes, shares, comments, pins, etc, all this activity also tells the search engines that your site is rockin, people are knockin, and your site should be ranked even HIGHER in the search engine results. We can absolutely accomplish this for you as well. delivers real people…real results…and will rank your site higher in the search engines, and greatly increase your website’s activity. Give us a try today and see just what REAL website traffic looks like.!




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