FREE Website Audits
FREE Website Audit

Now, you may have had a website for many years or even just a short while, but sometimes things may not be set just right for you to get the best advantage out of Search Engines finding you.

So, what do you know about your website/blog?

Do you know how often people look at it?

Can you tell where the visitors are coming from?

Do you have any ranking in Google? (meaning do you show up if people put in a search term for your offer)

Are any other sites or services referring your website link back to you?

Do you have the most effective keywords or tags that let people and search engines find you easily?

Just a few things that you may or may not know….but it is valuable to know the answers in order to compete against any potential competition.

I am offering a TOTALLY FREE Website/Blog Audit, this is not created by a software program but by a human being researching just how effective your website is. I will create a downloadable report for you so you can take time to read it and digest it AND if you have any questions on it or what it all means, just message me back and I will talk you through it…FREE!

 Just complete the form below and let me know your website or blogs url/domain name and I will carry out the free audit for you.

Dominus Owen Markham

FREE Audit




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