Lesson 2. Good Traffic and Bad Traffic

Getting traffic to your website is a very important part of
online marketing and sharing information with people but are you
getting traffic to your site that is actually interested in your
site or are they just using up your bandwidth?

If all you want to do is get traffic to your site then you can
easily go and purchase something like 10000 visitors for fifteen
dollars but do you really think they will do you any good,
because I don’t. What you want to do is get targeted traffic
that comes to your site because they are interested in the
subject of it and really want to see what you have to offer.
This is much harder to do.

Here are a few methods of getting good traffic and a few of
getting bad traffic.






Good Traffic Examples:

1) Link exchanging with other relevant sites. You can put a
description of your site beside your link, therefore the
visitors you get will already know what they are looking for and
will have decided themselves that they would like to visit your

2) Search engine optimization for the keywords that your site is
about. When someone searches for a term, they are looking
specifically for sites around that term therefore if your site
is well optimized for good keywords then you should be able to
gain some quality visitors from the search engines.

3) Free ebooks and reports are excellent as you can provide
quality information about your subject and then link to your
site from within the product. Doing this will mean that people
will first read your product if they are interested in the
subject, enjoy reading youir product and then want to get more
information and that is when you can give them a link to your






Bad Traffic Examples:

1) Buying loads of visitors for a few dollars. It is possible to
buy good traffic but only when you are in control of how they
find your site. You will find that most companies that offer
traffic for a price will normally only send autosurfers and
people who are not in the least bit interested in your site to

2) Autosurf programs are not a good source of traffic as people
will just leave their computer on and let it surf from site to
site without anyone actually getting to view and stay at it.

3) Advertising on sites that have absolutely nothing to do with
yours. If you have a site about cooking, then you will have very
little success by advertising on a site about computer games.
That’s just an example of the top of my head but I mean that you
should not advertise on sites that are not related to yours.

There are many different ways to get traffic and many of them
work very effectively, however, I would definitely advise anyone
not to simply go out and look for ways to get any sort of
traffic but instead look for ways to get good traffic that is
actually interested in visiting your site and seeing what you
have to offer.

To Your Success,
Dominus Owen Markham

Lesson 1. What Drives Repeat Visitors to Your Site?

Traffic is the lifeblood of your business. Without it you will
struggle to generate sales, commissions and ad revenue. Although
it’s easy to see traffic as just a bunch of numbers on the
screen, you must remember that every traffic hit is a person who
has come to your site because they get value from it. In this
lesson we’ll look at 11 factors that make your website
attractive for visitors.

1. High-Quality Content.

We have all read that “Content Is The Thing” according to
Michael Dean of Kittyfeet.com. We have not set-up our website to
just fill-it with endless links of your favorites but we’re
there to discuss what can we contribute to the web. Fill it with
regularly-updated quality content and they’ll return asking for

2. Ease Of Use.

We have all heard of “user-friendly” computers and softwares.
Why not do the same to our web site. Provide a navigation bar
that’s easy (and fun) to use forgetting the fancy stuff.

3. Quick To Download.

Assume your web site is going to be viewed by the oldest
browser, slowest modem and limited number of palettes.
There are several online services that will check your PageSpeed.

4. Updated Frequently.

You have prepared high-quality content but the problem is you
only update it once a year. Set a realistic goal first that at
the least you’ll bring new content to it once a month and then
increase the frequency.

5. Rewards, Contest and Incentives.

Make sure your visitors enjoy a very “rewarding” visit to your
site and expect them to return or just remind them to grab their
prize, reward or a mention of their name in your monthly
newsletter. They’ll sure return. Contest is one great idea.














6. Favorite Brands.

We all know zdnet.com is the site for free downloads, cnn.com
for up-to-the-minute customizable news. Why not link to them? Do
you know that zdnet.com offers link partnership? (I don’t get
money from this one, folks :-)) I know a site that just updates
their visitors on what’s happening to over 200 branded ezines
and you know what visitors like it and return.

7. Cutting-edge Technology.

The use of high end software, services and systems to promote your site.
I know not everyone can buy into this category but I’m sure there are
lots of low to medium priced services out there to simplify the task.
So do your research and grab one!

8. Games.

Online game sites are becoming famous nowadays. Visitors too
need sometime to play online. Give what they need and they’ll
ask you for more.

9. Purchasing Capabilities.

Web surfers also shop around and they’re looking for convenience
on how to do it. Be the first one to do it for them. Add a
shopping cart of some sort to your web site and it would be
better if you can accept credit cards online.

10. Chat and BBS.

Message Board or interactive forums replaces BBS (bulletin board
system) nowadays. Connect FB Messenger or link out to WhatsApp.
Even I have Messenger one on my web site (just to make
sure) and I’m amazed at the number of visitors from around the
globe who post on it. Just make sure you get their email addie
so you can reply.








11. Freebies, Jokes and Quotes.

I don’t know about this but I’ve received return visits on this
one. I even got a search engine for jokes on my site and people
return just to read jokes. These same people who spent
considerable amount of money reading jokes and quotes will soon
ask for a price quote.

You know studies have shown that it takes 4 to 5 visits for a
person before he sets his eyes on what you can offer. A simple
element (but it’s not included on the 11 elements I’ve
mentioned) is just to place a text on your web site (bold
letters, not caps) saying “Please bookmark this site” can go a
long, long way.

To Your Success,
Dominus Owen Markham

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