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So….the truth about Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi?


I heard the news and I had to let you know ASAP so you didn’t miss out on this…

Two people I really admire, respect and look up to the most are Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

Together they’ve impacted millions of lives, generated billions of dollars in revenue and they’ve dominated their industry for decades!

And for the first time ever they’re going to finally reveal “The KBB Method.”

The reason I’m so excited is because the “KBB Method” is their ONE big secret to profiting from a mostly hidden $129 Billion Dollar Industry. An industry that’s expected to triple in the next 5 years according to Forbes…

It’s the secret to getting paid for what you already know (or even what someone else knows) while making a massive impact on the world and changing lives!

In the 60+ years of their combined careers and the decades of being asked to teach this…

They’ve NEVER done a training on this before, which means spots are going to fill up faster than they ever have!

So, if you would love to leave an impact on the world, leave a legacy while at the same time create a new cashflow or a new self owned business, then hurry…

Go here to save your spot because the chance to learn from Tony & Dean is a once in a lifetime opportunity!


Look, every second $4,108.80 is spent on this ONE THING.

That’s $246,588 a minute… $14,791,680 every hour… $355 Million dollars every single day… and $129 Billion Dollars per year!

And the KBB method is going to show you how to ethically dominate this industry so you can make more money, change more lives, and leave a legacy…

So if you’re someone who wants to go to that next level… If you want to be in waaaaay more control of your time, money and freedom then…

Let Tony and Dean share with you how that could be more of a reality today than ever before in history.

If you’re ready for something you have NEVER seen before… Ready for a realistic way to take control… then don’t miss this rare chance to learn from them…

Now’s the time to finally tap into your full potential!

Because if not now, then when?

If not Tony & Dean, then who? (I can’t think of 2 more qualified people to get you results).

Register now, put it on your calendar, and do whatever it takes to make sure you’re there because this is going to be the biggest event in internet history!!


And when you do register, you’re immediately going to get a brand new, never before seen, quick “pre-event” training from Tony and Dean (no one else will ever get a chance to see this rare training except for us).

Dominus Owen Markham

P.S. They’re also going to have a special guest appearance from their good friend & new partner Russell Brunson, who founded the fastest growing non-VC backed SaaS company in the world and just an all around awesome guy!

Look, there’s no chance I’m missing this, and you shouldn’t either – so show up!

10 Xmas Facts All Retailers Need To Know

So, Christmas is coming………………….you will have seen the adverts and marketing in stores and online since around the middle of September.

If you are an Online Retailer, in ANY niche, you need to be as aware of the facts as a bricks and mortar retailer.

A series of facts may well give you that nudge you NEED to get your ass in gear and focus on your Yuletide offerings:

1. Christmas shopping in the USA totals around  $1 TRILLION and the UK spend is around $2 BILLION
2. 50% Of all Christmas Shopping takes place BEFORE Black Friday!
3. 21% Of Brands Begin Campaigning in September
4. Christmas Shopping can equate to 30% of many retailers annual take
5. 40% of Christmas purchases take place between the 14th and 24th December
6. Black Friday is no longer the busiest shopping day its the Saturday before Christmas
7. 46% of holiday shopping takes place online
8. Advertising can be 140% more expensive
9. BOXING DAY yields the highest mobile traffic
10. 23% of shoppers rely on social media to help them with their purchase decisions

With all this in mind….are YOU READY? EXCITED? OR CLUELESS as to how you are going to get a piece of this massive opportunity?

Contact me and let me talk through your options and see how we can help you!


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