ViralTek Review and Bonuses – Unlimited FREE Traffic To Any Offer?

Traffic is our goal, no matter what we want to sell or promote, we need an ongoing stream flowing to our pages/links and doing this can be a VERY expensive exercise.

The cost of paid advertising via the usual suspects, such as Google and Facebook has risen dramatically and the results declined.

So, what if there were a FREE way to get traffic on virtual autopilot?

What if there were a Cloud based software that allowed you to create one post and syndicate it to 15 Social networks all at once?

Well, I was lucky enough to have access to a review account via my buddy Marc Gray and can honestly say, this is the best thing since sliced bread!

My primary business is TRAFFIC, always looking at ways to shout out the loudest for both my clients and myself, it’s not an easy job and takes a lot of time AND a lot of money.

But now with the arrival of ViralTek my job just got a lot easier….I am SO IMPRESSED that I have created a massive bundle of quality bonuses to promote this product to you but only if you use the link below to purchase.

Below my overview and product demo:




My $1020 Bonus Bundle Includes:


Authority Traffic (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos)

A complete 8 detailed part step by step full website training crash course.
If you want to learn how to use the most powerful traffic available to boost your website traffic this packed course will get you teach you everything you need to know, I use many of these same methods on my own sites!)

The New Guide to SEO (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos)

This looks at onsite and offsite SEO from a very new persepective as well as covering some evergreen methods.
With this course you will be able to fine tune and rank any site or video very easily.
We use a lot of the onsite parts on our own websites.


Amazon Affiliate Profits (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 16 HD videos)

This is the latest full packed course on how to use muyltiple methods to earn easy affiliate commissions from Amazon.
Some of our clients have already used this course to make their first $1000’s online.


PinNicheBoost – 9HD videos that are updated for 2019 Pinterest TOS

These walk you through the various niches that people over look and show you everything that you need to grow and make money from your Pinterest accounts)
New traffic stream from Pinterest to your pages


Huge collection of Top headlines swipe file PDF!

Rock your blog posts with high converting headlines from the swipe file
Can be used for all forms of online marketing from blog posts, to social media posts, email subject lines!
Takes your copy writing to next level without burning a hole in your marketing budget!


Amazing Banner Creator Software

A simple to use Banner and Header Creator Software with over 70 extra templates and addons – perfect to make and sell or just to use to make your sites look much more professional


Traffic Marketing PRO

Learn How to control your traffic with 6 Detailed videos Including the topics of – Email Traffic, Facebook Traffic, Forum Traffic, Google Traffic, Pinterest Traffic, YouTube Traffic


WordPress Super Fast Track To Success

31 HD videos that anyone can go from a complete beginner to an advanced WordPress user. All the tips and tricks that most WordPress trainings leave out


YouTube Celebrity Formula -main course PDF – 10 HD videos

How to become a massive YouTube Celeb by creating content, managing your channel and growing like Wildfire – A great YouTube course that can be followed to start from zero knowledge and become a 6 figure a year YouTube marketer


Lead Generation Authority (main course PDF – checklist PDF – 10 HD videos)

How to attract more leads, Close more sales, and Increase your marketing ROI, basics skills needs to be mastered for every online business


Authority Traffic (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos)

A complete 8 detailed part step by step full website training crash course. If you want to learn how to use the most powerful traffic available to boost your website traffic this packed course will get you teach you everything you need to know


Social Media Domination PRO (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos)

Have you noticed that every business has a huge social media presence? Well now you can learn how to grow your own massive social media empire for your business or if you don’t have a business learn to profit directly from Social Media or sell your services to other big businesses


Bing Ads MasterClass (Full course PDF training – 10 HD videos)

This training that will walk you through how to use the ever growing Bing Ads platform to get cheap clicks and high converting campaigns – Everything that you should know about making money on Bing but probably don’t


Facebook Ads Domination 2.0 (10 PDF’s and 10 HD Videos)

This training will start you at the very beginning of FB ads and slowly teach you how to master the new FB platform so that you can get a crazy Return on Investment


Whew that’s a lot of goodies!
TOTAL VALUE: $1310.00
And you get it ALL for just $22.00!
(Early Bird Price)
With my bonuses you see listed above, you will have EVERYTHING you need to crush it with ViralTek software…

You’ll be way ahead of everyone else who is only picking up the main product 🙂

And Yes, you get all these amazing bonuses completely FREE when you grab ViralTek from this page, and this page only!


Step 1 – Simply Click the Button Below and grab ViralTek software for an one time early bird fee

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That’s It! Easy Instant Access…

We also have a dedicated support desk to take your product including the custom bonus are delivered to you

FAIR WARNING: Only 50 Bonus Spots Are Available For My MEGA Bonus Bundle!

3 Easy Ways To Generate More Website Traffic

3 Easy Ways To Generate More Website Traffic

There are literally hundreds of ways that you can generate website traffic. They all work, but what you need to keep in mind is that they may not work immediately, so start with one, master it, and then move on to the next. As you do this, you will find the ones that you like better, or the ones that work better for your business and website, or both. You need to build a traffic generation plan and whether you can invest either money, time or both in order to build that traffic.

Here are just three popular ways to generate website traffic.

1. YouTube. is one of the most visited sites in the world (with over 1.8 Billion Users Logged in per month) and its visitor numbers continue to climb. If you want to be where the people, and your potential leads or customers, are, sign up for an account on YouTube, post a video, and put your link in the description of the video.

YouTube also allows you to put your website on the video itself, but it is not a do-follow link so it is just there for visual purposes. As with all of your marketing efforts, you need to do some keyword research before preparing your video. Pick a keyword that you want to use, use it in the title of your video, in the tags of your video, and in the description of your video. The video must be under ten minutes long but you can do a very effective video for under a minute, which is another great advantage to using YouTube to generate traffic to your site. It doesn’t take much time, and it’s absolutely free.

If you further want to leverage your video, you can submit it to one of the video submission sites which then sends it out to other popular video sites.



2. PPC.

Most people think of Google Adwords when they hear the term pay-per-click advertising. Google is the best place to start because it is inexpensive to register (only $5.00) and it currently gets the most traffic. Again, you need to pick your keywords carefully.

If you have a low budget, start out with the most uncompetitive keywords, use them in the first lines of your ads and even choose for your ad to show only when someone searches exactly that keyword. This will get you fewer clicks, but they will be more targeted. Once you start gaining ground, you can start to target more competitive keywords as well.

You can also try the other PPC platforms like Yahoo and Bing. They have less visitors but the bids are also less expensive.


3. WordPress.

You can really use any blogging platform to get traffic to your website but WordPress is very good from an SEO point of view, meaning you can get some incredibly effective, and free, plug-ins that will help you raise the ranking of your website. Include the link to your website in your posts and when you comment on other blogs to generate website traffic.

Spooky Truth About Traffic – It’s Called The Web For A Reason

Spooky Truth About Traffic – It’s Called The Web For A Reason

I am going to assume that because you are reading this, you understand that whatever you promote online, whatever product or service and in whatever niche, you are aware that you need traffic.

The classic sales cliche “The Money Is In The List” (meaning a list of people you already know may have an interest in what you or selling or like what you are selling….an example may well be your current following on a social media platform, people who know, like and trust you), both in the on and off line business world, is of course correct, however you will never get a list if you do not have traffic. That traffic needs to be targeted, not just vanity clicks borne from bot programs but actual REAL HUMAN eyeballs.

The Web is exactly that, a massive network of connections, ever growing in size and complexity.

You put your nice shiny new website/blog out there and expect people to find you……you’re out on the very very edge of that web and you need to be plucking on the threads to send out a message to the hub of the web to let it know you exist.


Well I know people that think that if they give out the domain/url to people, that’s it you have traffic. And yes you MAY get those people taking a glance at your site and get a handful of visits.

Then what?

Much like the arachnids lair, it is pretty much a living organism, its own eco system and to even hope of attracting the “spiders” (search engine/people) attention, you need to be plucking hard on those threads.

So, what are we talking about?


Having a website comes with a level of responsibility, you need it maintaining, of course, but it also needs to be evolving, all the time, showcasing your offer, having new and attractive titbits for search engines and people to be enticed to out on the edge of the web.

You need to create connections through the threads of the web, connections with those in a similar niche and with higher authority.


Well if you pluck the thread (put up a new post/product) you want that to echo out across the web… are on the outer edge so you need stepping stones….you need to spread your own web out and intertwine it with already active areas, thus you will gradually be recognised as existing in the vast digital network.

So How Do We Do This?

Firstly you need to understand this is a neverending task…..yup you, or someone always needs to be attending to sending signals out about YOU. The reason is that you may do a fantastic job of marketing and gain some targeted interest, but if you then leave it, there is ALWAYS someone else doing either the same or perhaps a little more and they will gain ground on you and push you further onto the outer edge.

I am going to list the things you need to be doing, and if you want to be the biggest spider pulling in the most flies (leads/sales) then you need to be doing one or all as much as possible:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation – Ensure your website is being seen, that when you pluck a thread its actually going to be picked up and seen as relevant – keywords/keyphrases/H1…H3/Meta Descriptions etc)
  • CONTENT (Create a quality presentation of what your offer is in words, images, videos and yes even sound – you need to update and add quality content to your site as often as possible)
  • BACKLINKS (Connect to others, preferably those of high authority and within your niche, connect to hubs/groups that are within your niche, PUT YOUR LINKS IN and yes reference back to authority sites/groups/links)
  • SOCIAL MEDIA (Now I know there are plenty of people out there that are to some extent distrusting of social media platforms, but you have to view them, for the purpose of business, that they are a valuable marketing tool. Set up as many social media accounts as you feel you can manage, brand with your business look and niche, again nestle up alongside authority “players”, niche groups, business networks, advertising networks….be ACTIVE within these platforms, dont just spam them, take time to look at whats being said, what media formats are being used, look for tips, OFFER TIPS and HELP people…..yup….be NICE)

So, now, if you can do all of the above, ongoing, your lead plucking on the web threads will start to spread out, be picked up by search engines and other spiders, some who will want to steal your prey, make no mistake on that, but also those who may become allies and assist in your online growth.

This, believe it or not is the tip of the iceberg, please dont be deterred, but these are all a MUST DO……then you will start to see relevant traffic and the increased possibilities of increased sales.

Next Steps?

Well, if you’re still reading there is a good chance you have found value in the content, and perhaps it has even raised some questions, maybe some of it confuses you and you dont know what to do next or how to do it?

If you have questions, If you need help, If you’re looking for resources to help get your message out there in an ethical way, feel free to contact me, it literally costs nothing to message me and I am happy to help and advise at ANY level of understanding.

I offer genuine advice and low cost services in order to get you seen and heard no matter what your understanding of the terms outlined above.

Click the button below for help and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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